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Low-alloy wear resistant steel

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The total alloy composition of low-alloy wear-resistant cast steel is below 5%. The main alloying elements include: manganese, silicon, chromium, molybdenum, nickel, etc. The main purpose of adding these alloying elements is to improve the hardenability and hardenability of steel. Compared with foreign low-alloy wear-resistant steels, a considerable part of my country has added rare earth elements according to my country's national conditions. The addition of rare earths improves the structure of steel and improves the mechanical properties and wear resistance of steel. In addition, part of my country's low-alloy cast steel is added with boron to improve its hardenability. Compared with high-manganese steel, the microstructure of low-alloy wear-resistant cast steel is martensite or martensite + bainite, bainite + austenite, so its initial hardness is higher. The alloying elements are mainly Si, Mainly Mn, Cr and Mo, and the carbon content is divided into three grades: low, medium and high. By adjusting the content of carbon and alloying elements, the obtained low-alloy wear-resistant cast steel not only has much higher strength and hardness than high manganese steel, but also its impact toughness is second only to high manganese steel, which can replace high manganese steel to a large extent. .

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