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770 Bed, daybed, custom bed, white bed, painted bed, made to order, bespoke furniture. Please visit our website at:https://www.inventiadesignpdx.com/Dimensions of this one: 39 x 86 x 35h. We do custom sizes. This one takes a 34 x 81 in mattress, which is a custom size mattress. *******Regarding shipping: The bed comes apart and can ship flat. Etsy is not well set up for communicating shipping costs for large items. I cannot provide a general shipping cost that would apply to the entire US but would be happy to provide an exact quote to your specific zip code. Please send me a communication and include your zip code and desired size (approximating size is ok for now).A bed we designed and built for a local Portland client. These can be made in any size you specify and can be painted in any color you choose. The one shown wears a painted finish that is meant to look antique. The top coat is a barely-cream-off-white, and underneath this thick tough acrylic topcoat are heavy layers of real old fashioned milk paint in a smoky medium dark neutral grey. A heavy-bodied look is essential for a painted piece to look authentically old, and the top coat is worn and chipped in just the right spots to suggest age. The post tops and upward-facing recessed details are done with distressed silver leaf, and the sideways facing recesses are painted with a light dove grey, and all are outlined with a hand-painted accent line that is identical in color to the base coat. You can see bits of the dark base coat showing through on the post tops and in the chipped areas.

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